Second Season of Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH Announced

The gripping documentary of the emergency department at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) has been renewed for a second season.

Filming for the second Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH series is now underway.

“Our hope in season one was to give the public an inside look at the complex and difficult care our staff provide on a daily basis,” said Vivian Eliopoulos, Chief Operating Officer, Vancouver General. “We received positive feedback from across the province and it was incredibly meaningful to all medical staff who work tirelessly providing care.”

You can watch the second series on Knowledge Network and on in the spring of 2016.—take-two-–life-and-death-at-vgh


UBC Residents Win Simulation Olympics at CAEP!

The Simulation Olympiad returned for its 4th year at CAEP in Edmonton last week. Eight teams from EM programs across Canada competed for national bragging rights as they demonstrated their communication skills, teamwork, and crisis management skills under pressure. Each team of four consisted of at least one 1 senior resident, 1 junior resident, and at least 1 nurse, medical student, paramedic or respiratory therapist.

After 2 days of gruelling competition, UBC was declared the national champion! Congratulations to Nikki Holms, Wesley Jang, Kelsey Innes, and Sherry Stackhouse!

Sim UBC Sim Olympiad Winners CAEP 2015 11329951_10100626766083745_8116933352724475867_n