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Our own Dr. Dave Pledger heads this week’s VCH News!

VCH News November 26, 2015

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Welcome to the second edition of APPtitude.

Most of you are probably already familiar with PediStat, another app by QxMD (there is no sponsorship, I promise). This app is the Broselow tape for the 21st century. It is extremely intuitive, and highly useful at the bedside for physicians you work frequently with children, and more importantly for us, those who see them rarely.

The first screen allows you to enter either the patient’s age, weight, Broselow colour or even length.


Then you’re given a short list of categories that make it easy to find the exact drug dosing that you want for your patient. No more calculating and re-calculating doses on the back of a glove!


This is one of the few apps I paid money for. It is currently $3.49 available for iPhone and Android.




Welcome to a new feature of the VGH website. On a bi-monthly basis, we’ll post recommendations and reviews of apps that may be of interest to the emergency physician. Most will be medically related, but some will be favourites that just may make your life a little easier overall.

This week, we’re going to start off with a very common app that most emergency physicians are aware of.

Read by QxMD

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This app is perfect for anyone who has ever thought “I wish I could just get sent the most relevant articles out of all of the journals I’m interested in, without having to subscribe to every one and read through them all.” That’s exactly what this app does. When you first open it, you can choose journals, specialities, or “collections” to follow. Collections are created by users, and may have a more specific focus (ie Trauma or Anticoagulation).


There is a huge article database powered by PubMed, and it is easy to access to full text by setting up your UBC account. Articles can also be saved for later consumption and reference, and tagged to help keep articles organized. There is also an option for commenting and favouriting articles, which means that when you open the app, the “featured papers” in your specialty show up first, giving you first glance at the articles that are currently most relevant and most discussed among your peers.IMG_0022