Recharge Physically: EM Wellness Week

The best way to make your physical health a priority is to make it a priority. Aim to make a small change and schedule in the time. For instance, commit to going to a spin class or going for a swim once a week. Commit with a co-worker or friend.
Or even better, join the VGH Sun Run team! Pick a goal, and find some co-workers to run with. Registration is discounted until February 4th.
Did you know there’s a VGH gym? For only $25-30 a month, you can use their facilities fully stocked with weight training equipment, free weights, cardio equipment, stretching areas, and even a heavy bag. There are also daily classes. Find out more here: VGH Health and Wellness Centre. You can e-mail them for a tour.
What about committing to cycling to work? Join the VGH cycling centre. There are locked facilities for bike storage, lockers, and showers. They also hold social rides and free seminars and classes on cycling and bike maintenance.
If you’re not ready to make a committment, why not grab a friend and try something new? The Goh Ballet and the Harbour Dance Centre have drop in classes available. Almost all of the spinning studios will offer their first class free. Check out Extreme Air, the trampoline park.
If you’re not sure what’s right for you, consider classpass. For a monthly fee, you can take classes at a variety gyms, yoga studios, crossfit studios, spinning centres and many others.
And one of the best ways to recharge physically? Get outside! All of the local mountains offer snowshoeing. Cypress offers cross-country skiing. Go skating at Robson Square or up at Grouse mountain.
Remember, something is better than nothing, and the smallest effort can make a huge difference to your well being and mood. So grab a friend and go for a walk or make a plan!

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