Recharge Professionally: EM Wellness Week

What keeps you coming back to work day after day? One of the biggest things is probably the people you work with. Dr. Amal Mattu has often discussed the huge difference that a single person’s attitude can make on a department. Who would you rather work with, a Tigger or an Eeyore? You can read more about his theory here.

Satisfaction at work is often tied to the amount of control we feel. Finding a new committee, working group, or role that gives you the opportunity to be heard can reduce burnout and help you find a locus of control. Or why not sign up for a course or a conference? Sometimes, exposing yourself to new ideas and new people can be the inspiration you need for a burst of new energy at work. Talk to a colleague with similar interests and make it a social experience too.

And what’s the biggest difference you can make in your next shift? Thank a colleague. Make sure they know what a difference they made to your day. Maybe you’ll start a trend!


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