VGH at the Cutting Edge of Simulation!


On June 17th, VGH held the first multi-stage, multi-site, interdisciplinary trauma simulation, coordinated in no small part by our own Chief residents and simulation fellows, Dr. Nicolle Holm and Dr. Wesley Jang. From the paramedics, nurses, EPs, RTs, and trauma team in the emergency department to the OR and PACU teams, it was a huge success! 

You can learn more about this fantastic event here: VGH Simulation Event


Dr. Kendall Ho wins the 2016 Canadian Health Informatics Association Clinician Leadership award!

Congratulations to Dr. Kendall Ho for receiving the 2016 Canadian Health Informatics Association Clinician Leadership award!

This award recognizes a clinician who has shown leadership in Canada in advancing the use of health Information Communication Technology (ICT) and informatics or telehealth in clinical practice resulting in improved provider and patient experiences and outcomes. 

This award was presented on June 7th at the National eHealth conference banquet. Please click the following link to read more on the award and view the list of Canadian Health Informatics Awards Gala (CHIA) winners: