VGH EPs win inaugural Health Professional-Investigator Awards

Congratulations to DEM faculty members Dr. Jeff Brubacher and Dr. Kendall Ho for each being granted one of the 11 inaugural 2017 Health Professional-Investigator Awards from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR). This success is a major achievement, both for Drs. Brubacher and Ho, and for the DEM as a whole. The MSFHR Professional-Investigator Award provides funding to support exceptional health professionals focused on answering questions derived from their practical experience and clinical expertise.

Dr. Brubacher was recognized for his study titled: “Health related quality of life following road trauma: An emergency department inception cohort study”.

Dr. Kendall Ho was recognized for his study titled: “TEC4Home: Telehealth for emergency-community continuity of care connectivity via home monitoring”.

The recipients of this award represent health professions ranging from emergency physicians to midwives and psychologists across BC. More information on this award, and well as a full list of the 11 recipients, is available on the MSFHR website.


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