Emergency Department Wins at People First Awards!

Congratulations to all of the People First Winners!

Award of Excellence in Innovation:

  • Dr. Kendall Ho, Emergency Physician, Vancouver General Hospital & TEC4Home Lead

Award of Excellence in Teamwork and Collaboration :

  • Mobile Medical Unit Deployment Team, Vancouver Acute & Vancouver Community:
    Lori Korchinski, Afshan Nathoo, Miranda Compton, Dr. Eric Grafstein, Michelle de Moor, Dr. Keith Ahamad, Dr. Annabel Mead, Caitlin Etherington, Dr. Stan de Vlaming, Tim Chu, Ross Maguire, Marsha Simons, Joe Acker, Peter Hennecke, Krista Golden, Nathanial Lim

Award of Merit in Teamwork and Collaboration :

  • Chest Pain Working Group, Emergency, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver Acute:
    Lori Korchinski, Jaime Gallagher, Susan Harrison Salt, Sarah Turner, Lori Quinn, Cassie Wright, Sean Freeze, Bruce Hartnett, Dr. Heather Lindsay, Dr. Tong Lam, Dr. Chad Kim Sing, Erin Collins, Liz Crane, Darlene Davelaar, Christine Davie, Carole Dion, Michelle Dodds, Suzanne Fayle, Tracy Johnson, Tony Kumar, Gertrude Lee, Scott Maher, Penny Merletti, Trang Nguyen, Simona Pavlikova, Suzanne Pell, Evangeline Portillo, Jean Power, Gosha Roman, Sinead Ryan, Joanne Scott, Heather Sengara, Alexia Simeoni, Lindsey Bott, Angela Tait, Lindsay Tarasoff, John Tino, Veronica Tsang, Cindy Vanderbyl, Tracy Visser, Adrienne Zawyrucha, Carole Stevens, The Heart Services Cardiology Technologist team

Read more about their accomplishments here.


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